TEAM FISLL is a team of youth, leaders and positive cultural influencers looking to maximize their social impact through the FISLL principles. Team FISLL exists to engage, equip and inspire our community to Live Better, Perform Better, and Lead Better.

Member Levels


Assets and Access

● 25% off apparel in FISLL.COM store until Jan 1, 2023

● Free download of handbook FISLL toolkit 

● Free download of FOL ebook & audiobook 

● Access to Virtual Leaders Workshop
○ Beco

● $100/per year value

How to activate

●  Register below

● Download the TEAM FISLL app to join the team and receive more tools and strategies for success, exclusive contests and rewards.


Assets and Access

● Free access to all virtual events/workshops for 2023
○ 30 min award winning short film ‘Coachable’ produced by award winning film producer Jake Mcafee 
■ For individuals, small or large groups 
○ 5 part virtual lecture series/ seminar launching Jan 2023
■ How to be a Positive Cultural Influencer 
■ Featuring The FISLL Starting 5 with Dr Derek Suite and special guests and positive cultural influencers and 

● 50% off apparel in FISLL.COM store until Jan 1, 2023

● $250/per year value 

● Contests and prizes 

- Social media contest to win $1000
○ Enter to win a virtual summer internship with FISLL 

● Early access to Team FISLL exclusive apparel drops

How to activate

● Complete the feedback survey in the FISLL handbook. 

● Post your reflection in Team FISLL app or other social channels


Become a Team FISLL Member

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The FISLL Fundamentals of Life Handbook

The FISLL Fundamentals of Life Handbook is a free digital toolkit created by founder Allan Houston introducing the inspiration, purpose and activation for the FISLL brand. Allan calls the handbook, ‘the brand’s primary document and fuel for the FISLL journey’.