The FISLL Brand

Founded in 2003 by NBA All-Star & Olympic Gold Medalist, Allan Houston, FISLL is a social impact brand providing leadership training, legacy development and consumer products. FISLL exists to engage, equip, inspire, and outfit. FISLL actuates 5 essential values of FAITH, INTEGRITY, SACRIFICE, LEADERSHIP, & LEGACY as language to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.


FISLL's exclusive partnership with The NBA has opened the door to endless possibilities. With the great success of the FISLL NBA "Social Justice Tee", we only scratched the surface of what could be done. With products ranging from mens, womens, and accessories, every professional team is represented in our newest collection. Please visit the FISLL Shop for our full NBA Collection.

FISLL Basics

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FISLL Team Uniforms


The FISLL Project

The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation knows that the fundamental values of Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership, and Legacy can provide a foundation that enables young people to reach their full potential.

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Team FISLL App

FISLL's media channels consist of the podcast, smart device app, and a digital learning platform to guide and empower its users. Click picture for more information.