AHLF + The FISLL Project

The AHLF is dedicated to the belief that the fundamental values of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership and legacy can provide a foundation that enables people to reach their full potential.

Through a mentoring initiative and hands-on workshops, AHLF engages youth in guided dialogue and structured activities designed to build trust, teach valuable life skills, enhance spiritual growth, and provide overall happiness. Some of these youth facing programs include:

Youth Facing Programs

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best is a series of workshops that leverages activities and experiences such as basketball to explore the FISLL Life Fundamentals. These experiences include panel discussions, breakout sessions, drills, and interactive games with a significant focus on teamwork, confidence, and leadership skills.


Through a partnership with EverFi, FISLL 306 is a digital African-American History curriculum for students taught through the lens of the FISLL values.

Allan Houston Mentoring Initiative

The AH Mentoring Initiative is a mentoring program launched in partnership with Metro Parks and Recreation of Louisville, KY (my hometown) and the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford, CT with a goal of helping cultivate and strengthen relationships between youth and their mentors.

Tickets Together

Our Tickets Together Program provides VIP experiences such as NBA games and events, to select youth and their father-figures. The program is designed to strengthen those relationships and foster a positive environment for bonding.

Leadership Development League

The Leadership Development League (LDL) seeks to align the FISLL Fundamentals of FAITH, INTEGRITY, SACRIFICE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY with existing school initiatives. The Foundation provides interactive edutainment content, various curricula, workshops, and live events that are designed to promote youth voice and impact the culture of the school as we seek to strengthen the relationships between student and the adults who support them.