What do you intend to make of it?

If you haven’t spent much time thinking about these questions, let me give you some practical ways to approach them, and provide some ways to reasons they are important to answer. 

I would describe my life as My Established Place In Time To Make An Eternal Impact. We ALL have this Established Place. Here are the 5 things we should establish to solidify our place in time and make it matter.

Faith is belief in the unseen. I have a choice to believe that my STEPS are ORDERED, and my path is leading towards a positive future. I’m not an accident. I’m divinely created. Therefore, I CHOOSE to live with a purpose beyond my immediate sight.

If I choose to believe I am chosen, I MUST be Called to a higher standard of CHARACTER and EXCELLENCE in how I live. There MUST be a moral CODE to follow that is higher than my own! I MUST understand how it benefits me in my life.

My life is NOT just my own. It belongs to the one who gave it to me AND those who I’m responsible for. I will be required to surrender comfort and self satisfaction to LIVE in MY CALLING.

I see my life through the lens of service to others. To be effective in this role and keep an authentic connection to others, I have a responsibility to model my expectations. I cannot do this alone; so I seek guidance from others who can hold me up and hold me accountable.

I want my name to be more than the stitching on the back of a jersey. I am driven by the impact I can make on others. Every thought matters. Every word matters. Everything MATTERS, because it could be the seed for eternal impact.

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