Just like any other boy who looks up to their father, Asher Houston wants to someday follow in his father's footsteps by not only "taking over the FISLL office" but also by living as an example of what the FISLL fundamentals truly mean. 

Allan Houston's passion for teaching the FISLL fundamentals of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership and legacy stretch further than just those he meets through The FISLL Project. His children are walking proof that teaching core values can be learned at any age just by living as an example of these fundamentals and by talking about them openly in everyday conversations.

On their recent trip to the FISLL offices, Jade, Jodi, Truth and Asher were all able to see their father in action talking about what the FISLL fundamentals truly mean to him. They even received their own FISLL journals to jot down ideas of their own of what it means to live a FISLL life:

Allan Houston with Children in FISLL Office
Allan Houston with younger daughter Truth, son Asher and older daughters Jodi and Jade.


Allan's daughter named Truth wrote about how faith is "expecting the most positive outcome" then gave an example of how she knows it's important to have faith in herself especially when she's trying to achieve her soccer dreams.

Jodi spoke of integrity as someone who has a moral character, respect and faithfulness to "try and do the right thing." Jade described sacrifice to mean "giving up your body and giving up your ego.

Then Asher chimed in with an important example of when someone bullies someone else that you can stand up for them. They all had comments about how to be a good friend to someone who is being bullied and agreed that all of the FISLL fundamentals can lend a hand in helping someone in a situation like bullying. 

Truth also talked about how she wrote down that leadership is like a "path that leads to serve, model and inspire [those around you]" and Asher wrote that "legacy means influence and impact."

After going over the individual fundamentals, Allan asked the kids an important question, "what do you think would happen if people thought about FISLL more in their life?"

Jade responded with, "maybe they would have a more positive outcome!"

They continued talking about what the fundamentals meant to them and about how it was important to help others understand what the FISLL fundamentals could mean to them too.