The FISLL Project

The FISLL Project (TFP) serves as the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation and FISLL's signature social impact arm. Comprising of several youth facing programs, THE FISLL PROJECT combines the model of leadership teaching and restorative behavior science to cultivate and enhance healthy relationships between youth and adults, and leadership teams.

Through interactive edutainment content, various curricula, workshops, and live events, the FISLL Fundamentals  of FAITH, INTEGRITY, SACRIFICE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY are brought to life for tomorrow’s leaders. THE FISLL PROJECT also provides a limited product line of apparel to all participants. 

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Allan Houston Legacy Foundation


Father Knows Best


Tickets Together

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best is a series of full and/or half day workshops and retreats that leverage the game of basketball to explore the FISLL Life Fundamentals. This on and off the court experience includes panel discussions, breakout sessions, basketball drills, and interactive games for participants. Significant focus on teamwork, confidence building, and honing leadership skills.


A digital African-American history program that empowers middle and high school students to think critically about their personal legacy, by exploring the lives of pioneering African-Americans throughout history. FISLL 306 was launched in partnership with education technology company, EverFi.

Allan Houston Mentoring Initiative

Spanning anytime from 7 weeks to 12 months, AHMI is a mentoring program launched in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Louisville, KY (Allan Houston’s hometown). Goal of the program is to help recruit more mentors and cultivate and strengthen relationships between youth and their mentors.

Tickets Together

Tickets Together provides VIP NBA game experiences to select students and their mentors/father figures. Goal to strengthen those relationships and foster a positive environment for bonding. 

Since 2010, through our Tickets Together Program, we inspire real-world hope and possibility as mentors and fathers become real heroes when we host families and pairs to unparalleled experiences. From New York Knicks games to NBA All-Star Weekend to NFL games, this program is ready to reach new heights by providing impactful and restorative moments. The Allan Houston Mentoring Initiative is changing lives from fostering healthy mentoring relationships.

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The FISLL Experience


Legacy sticks out to me because in school my behavior and grades were bad. Now I’m getting good grades and my behavior is good. My teachers have said my behavior has changed the last few years.


[The FISLL Project fundamentals are] spot on with how I try to live my life.

Steph Curry

FISLL is working with industry experts using proven mobile technology with best in class digital edutainment partners, while building a new framework based upon needs in restorative behavior teaching and leadership. FISLL teaches leadership as a lifestyle.

FISLL’s prescriptive targeting efforts include AI features much like the Morgan Stanley “Insights” tool provides.  The use of data science, language conversion and other complimentary AI algorithms can better enable our Ambassadors and Fathers to a higher form of Brotherhood. 

FISLL, a global platform.