Time To Follow Through Social Impact Initiative

The FISLL Brand has a goal to engage 20,000 Youth & Community Leaders committed to supporting youth voice, social justice  and economic empowerment in the Black community.

“There has been a surge of motivation and positive momentum aimed at fighting racial injustice, systematic oppression and economic inequality for people of color. However, good intentions are not enough.

Tangible, measurable and sustainable strategies with results are mandatory. Now it the time to follow through”

Allan Houston - September 20, 2020


"This time, on this issue, there must be no delay, no hesitation and no compromise with our purpose. The time of justice has now come.."

Lyndon B Johnson - March 15, 1965

FISLL’s social justice collaboration in partnership with the NBA will serve as the NBA’s official social engagement apparel collection. FISLL is 100% black owned. ALL Proceeds of each FISLL NBA product will include a membership to FISLL’s Leadership development platform and will fund economic empowerment in the Black community by supporting Black owned businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.